Pittsburgh is unique.  Sure there are those who have been extras for years, those who want to be actors, those pursuing a dream, those looking to make an extra dollar... We also have the pleasure of meeting new folks along the way who are here just for a moment to create memories for future generations to come. 


"With the YAMF film, I really wanted to be part of it since Mr Rogers is an icon from the Pgh area. It was a great experience, and I enjoyed meeting and talking to everyone. I think it's fantastic that Pennsylvania has become a great place for films. Looking forward to the next opportunity!"
          -- D. Kuminkoski

"I just finished watching the final episode of One Dollar and I loved the show. Thank you for casting me in two episodes of this thought-provoking and important show. Along with working two days on You Are My Friend in scenes with Matthew Rhys and Tom Hanks, my experience with you has been tremendous and something I will share with my grandkids (if I have them). 
           --S. Matheny. 

"I loved movies as a kid growing up and the art and craft of acting and always wanted to be an actress when I was a little girl! I heard of extra work from my sisters neighbor, an older woman who had been an extra on a few movies and she had told me about the upcoming films in Pittsburgh and I thought it would be awesome to try and be apart of something I always loved and had a passion for!"
          -- A. Creighton

"So movies and TV and working behind the scenes (yes, I’ve also been a camera person) has always been in my heart, and now that I am retired and available, I can not believe that I’ve been so fortunate to meet up with you guys!! I am very proud of you both for creating this wonderful opportunity for the community!" 
            -- R. Spisso