There are thousands of ways to exist.  

We don't discriminate or judge. All Shapes, Sizes, Ethnicities, Ages and Enthusiasm Welcome. 

Younger. Older. New Borns. College Kids. Real Nurses. Pacific Islander. Fire Throwers. Boxers. African American. Petite. Pale. Red Hair. Grandma. Bald. Fashionable. Curvy. Unique Smile. Ordinary. Gray. Green Eyes.Caucasian. Football Players. Blonde. Lawyers. Handsome. Fit. Large. Freckles. Indian. Glasses. Plain. Mom.  Mustache. Teenager.  Asian. Brunette. Tan. Real Cop. Grandpa. Dancer. Hispanic. Stocky.  Cane. Eccentric. Tall. Tattooed. Scruffy. Unkempt. Dad. Heavily Built. Blue eyes. Average. Native American. Middle Aged. Homely. Banker. Big Eyes. Curly Hair. EMT.  Short. Retired.