Just a few things you should know when you apply to work as an extra! 

1. We work 10-12 hour days, normally. However, sometimes those days can be shorter depending on what type of role you are playing or what scenes you are in.  So make sure if you are booked for a scene, that you are 100% clear of any other scheduling conflicts. 

​2. We usually do not know the hours of the day that we will need you until a day or 2 before.  We usually send out an email the day before with all of the information pertaining to filming, that includes, time, location and any wardrobe information. 

​3. You cannot bring guests with you if you are booked to work with us.

4. YOU GET PAID!! Being an extra, you make $10 an hour, for 8 Hours, Guaranteed! 
Anything over that you get overtime pay! We also feed everyone on set! 

Sometimes if we hire you for a "Specialty Role" you make extra!! 

5. This is a real job.  It might be something on your bucket list - but our profession is to hire you to come be on set.  So please respect that when you are booking your availability with us.  Last minute cancellations are no fun for anyone!

6.  On the flip side - things change constantly in filming.  Sometimes we will have you booked and they will cut a scene, or change the schedule, and in turn, we have to change your date of work. 

Just a friendly reminder - that any and all background work is not contracted or guaranteed work.  
There is no guarantee of work because the needs of productions change every day.  Unfortunately just like we cannot penalize you for cancelling - we cannot be held accountable when production schedules shift, or change.